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We offer a range of commercial interior design services

Here at Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle P/L, we provide interior design consultation for commercial and residential projects, space planning and also project management. Our commercial interior design services are prefect for companies who are involved in the construction of condominiums and office blocks. We can liaise with the developer to create a theme for the building that covers individual condos and suites, as well as common areas. This means that your project will have a sense of cohesion, ensuring it is visually appealing for potential buyers. In terms of residential services, we are able to assist those who are looking to build a new house. We understand that many new home builders have a vision in mind and this vision often includes a very particular interior appearance. We liaise closely with these clients to make sure their specific needs are met. In addition, we are able to carry out individual condo interior design, so you can change the look of your apartment's interior to suit our personal tastes. As part of our one stop service, we shop with our clients to search for their ideal furnishing, lightings and accessories. Our company provides non-obligation quotations to our clients, so call today on +65 68481056 if you have any further questions.

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