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Modern Style with An Elegance Class

Modern Style with An Elegance Class

Time for a new tour of a whole house revamp of a private condominium located at the central district of the island, so is you ready let us begin.

This condo is home to two professionals with their two beautiful daughters. The home space of 1650 square feet and it is composed of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 powder room and kitchen with a utility room that we will take a look at during this home tour.

Normally I start my tours with the public spaces or the common design elements that run through each space but let’s shake things up a little and start with the bedrooms. I want to take you on a tour of this beautiful master closet. It is sleek, elegant and designed in all dark wood grain finish and black tinted glass. There are compartment shelves for her collection of luxury bags as well as drawers on the opposite wall that takes care of housing other much-needed clothing items. Along the same wall as the drawers are rods that take care of the hanging items like shirts and suits for him. The other hanging area takes care of her needs in terms of the items that she needs to hang which are beautiful dresses and suits and it is enclosed behind amazing dark glass doors. The master bedroom itself has its own master bath which is light and luxurious in high end marble which goes all along the floor as well as the walls. The vanity is bathed in the white acrylic doors at the base and sleek black premium quartz on the top as a contrast in colors and then to really set the tone for modern elegance the whole bathroom is accented with stainless steel and chrome fixtures and decorative elements. The actual master bedroom follows the same sleek modern design in all white walls except for the amazing charcoal grey swirl accent wall which the bed sits against. By having a low fabric tufted headboard in a neutral beige the focal wall really pops and makes a statement.

The common bedrooms that are for the girls. These bedrooms offer the same nod to modern elegance but give you that pop of color that girls of any age need and deserve.

The last room is a working room for the home gentleman, which designed to suit his needs.

Now let us take a tour of the public spaces we will start of in the living room. The living room just screams clean comfort with its white walls and neutral sofa and wood side chair with a touch of blue, and you will not miss out the beautiful exquisite marble flooring with a book matched pattern marked on the centre of the living space.  The living room is also home to a round marble coffee table that is accented with two adorable brown plush children’s chairs around the table. From the clean and comfortable living room to the modern dining room the same feeling exists. In the dining room we have instead of a normal dining table and chairs we have a bar height island with cushioned stools surrounding it. The top of the island as well as the stools are black which is great for hiding a multitude of stains from anyone at any time. It also sits directly in front of a wall of mirrors which reflects the natural light from the window in the living room.

Not forgetting the common bathroom and powder room, tiled with award winning tiles.

The last stop on the tour is none other than the hub of any home whether you cook or not and that is the kitchen. As always the kitchen is a statement to the mix of technology and modern clean design. There is no shortage of high end and state of the art appliances from the double ovens to the built in refrigerator, which is surrounded by sleek cabinets and in contrasting dark grey and white.

Once again we have a beautiful mix of modern style with an elegance class and a great pop of color in each space. The next tour I am sure will be just as beautiful as this one and will show us once again high modern style at it’s finest.


Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh   &   David Tan   #crescendodavidtan



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