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Modern Luxury at Rivertrees Residences

Modern Luxury at Rivertrees Residences

This dual-key apartment has both the same design style and aesthetic running through the entire home. The studio unit is where the parents reside and the adjoining unit is a 2 bedroom unit in which the couple occupies. We will talk about and share the unique design elements and colors of both units as they flow one to the other in a seamless manner.
The marble and timber flooring that came with these new units was not only in great shape but also a definite plus in terms of the design style that the owners wanted for these two spaces. Another large element of these spaces is of course the eye catching feature walls and carpentry works that was designed and created. The colors of the walls for the most part are muted shades of white and cream, with a good selection of contrasting wood grains for the different spaces. There is a combination of light tone wallpapers as well as marble and some stonework used on the walls, which added luxury to the whole two units. The mix of materials is used in all neutral tones, which lends to a great transition from room to room. In the areas where there is not definitive wall separation, it is still a great color pallet that runs through each open space.
Another common or should I say uncommon element that is used is the application of black glass on the kitchen cabinet doors. This takes modern luxury to a whole new level. In terms of style, it is clean and elegant. The use of the color black which is not a normal color used in kitchens made it even more special. The sleek color and high shine of the glass gives us the look and feel of luxury and high-end style.
There is also a good mix of wood tones in the bedrooms of each unit. Fabric choices were also well thought throughout the spaces with a great mix of black, grey, cream and white.
The last major component in this space is the use of electronics gadgets. In the living area of the main unit, you have a LED television that is mounted to the marble looking wall surrounded by state of the art yet old school looking large speakers. In the master bedroom of the main unit, there is a surround sound system which has front and back speakers and a subwoofer for a complete sound experience. It doesn’t stop there. Right in the center of it all is a ceiling mounted projector which is shown on a screen that is at the opposing wall of the bed and is mounted from the ceiling with black out curtains behind. Another element that this master bedroom has is a gaming area within the master closet. This area while small is high on style and tech to say the least.
This wonderful two unit home is a great example of grand modern luxury in home design. It is a true testament to being able to combine tech and style and not miss a beat. This professional design was created using all of the clients wants and needs in the forefront.

Designer in-charge : Amos Tan   #crescendoamostan   &   David Tan   #crescendodavidtan


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