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Executive Chicness inspired by Japanese Whisky

Executive Chicness inspired by Japanese Whisky

This modern, cool chic design is flawlessly beautiful. On stepping in, you come face-to-face with the perfect flooring, immaculate white walls and ceiling which immediately have a charming effect on you, as you take in the fresh atmosphere of executive excellence.

The living room is spaciously designed, not just big enough for the couple- and a group of their friends who comes over for gathering! The television feature is spacious, well-placed and properly set at just the perfect angle. Within the living space carpentry design, there is a beautiful display of the owners collection – Japanese Whisky, adding to the home a chic and contemporary look! The classic use of wood grain, with alternating darker and lighter colors of wood for the living area, as well as a subtle demarcation between the living and dining area is just spectacular.

As we move into the dining area, we are reinvigorated by the presence of the L-shaped mirrors which gives an impression of a larger space. The dining area is well demarcated from the living room, and has its own stunning lighting provided for it. The wooden furniture brings to mind, a mixture of class and functionality. That’s not all; for the sandpaper wallpaper reflects, with the aid of the mirrors, adding the wall double effect of the owners full of travel photos. You can imagine what an exotic experience dining becomes!

The modern-themed kitchen area couldn’t be more appropriate. With using clean white wall tiles, mixed with kitchen counters and cupboards choice of colours, you can make the perfect meal in no time, and in the best of environments.

Overall the use of timber-looking vinyl flooring immediately creates a sense of coziness in this apartment, and makes you immediately fall in love with it!

Not forgetting the master bedroom area, the brick wall separation between the bedroom itself and the open concept bathroom area creates an aura of solidity, openness and yet gives ample privacy.

In all, this Executive Apartment created an overall feel of solidity, coziness and executive chicness!

Designer in-charge : Edmund Tan   #crescendoedmundtan

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