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Magnanimous space of a landed property at Countryside

Magnanimous space of a landed property at Countryside

One of the marks of luxury in a home is its size. This house has magnanimous space and is the perfect definition of luxury of a landed property.

On the first level of this beautiful, exotic home; we have a modern oriental concept living area. The living room is very spacious and allows you to enjoy the company of family and friends without feeling suffocated. The television marble effect feature wall mounted with a brick wall backing is set at just the perfect angle; the center table is chic and the furniture is comfortably luxurious. The dining area is just across the living room and is roomy enough to allow for privacy while dining, without disturbing anyone in the living room.

A house’s kitchen is always an important part of the home, as it creates an atmosphere of either calmness/peace or chaos. From both images of the wet and dry kitchen, having a well design back yard, you can see that the kitchen projects serenity. It is carved out of a section of the house and forms a unique picture in the house. It is so peaceful that you could also convert it into your relaxing teatime space during daytime!

The master bedroom is the classic definition of a bedroom with a loft space, and is the perfect secret bedroom you’ve been yearning to have. With its extraordinary textured laminates as well as the perfect architectural design, home is the best place to be. The design of the bathroom are befitting for this home; with a glass door separation between them and woody grain design that beats your expectations.

This landed property other 4 bedrooms are also executive and modern. The natural wood used for all of the bedrooms make them beautiful and with the splash of colors, very inviting. The bedrooms full height balcony doors also provide you with a stunning view of the world around you. Sleeping in any of these rooms not only provides you with a cozy atmosphere but also an exceptional view of your environment.

Have a look at the walls and floor of this house; aren’t you just mesmerized by the sleekness of it all?

You can feel the special charm associated with the attic which has a unique beautiful design of all, and an architectural design that would blow your mind. This attic has an industrial design that is utterly captivating, creating a private space of its own.

The house’s exterior is also charming and enthralling; providing you with a loving view of a divine home. This is the perfect place to retire to after a long day at work, or the most idyllic place to work from.

This modern home concept is the executive home of your dream.

Designer in-charge : Edmund Tan   #crescendoedmundtan



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