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Timeless Classic of Black and White

Timeless Classic of Black and White

This will be a tour of a newly designed home for newlyweds.

We will take a look at this three-bedroom 110 square meter home that takes us on a journey of black, white and color. This home is a great size for a new couple as it will provide some space to grow and learn about each other while still giving this new couple a good deal of space to spread out. We will now take a look at some of the elements that make up the new design of this beautiful home.

One of the largest and most consistent aspects of this home is the flooring. We chose to use vinyl floor planks throughout the entire home. This will make the space look big and gives a more open concept feeling. By using the same flooring in all areas, it gives us the ability to tie a piece of each room together.

On the wall colours for the house, the main colors that we used are black, white and grey. A majority, if not all of the walls were painted a nice bright white to give it a strong contrast.

There are a few walls in the house that we went bold and did an accent wall in the living area in dark grey which added drama and dimension. We chose to use very dark grey on the master bedroom accent wall to allow for a new feeling of comfort while still maintaining a good deal of stark contrast. The bedroom is warm and cosy with the right amount of ambience lighting. For the other two bedrooms, the homeowners chose their favorite colours for each of the room. These were some strong pop of colours like hot pink and nice striking blue which gave the rooms a vibrant and fun look.

The owners like the concept of marble look design for some parts of their house. Thus, in the living area, we decided to add a marble look design on the TV feature wall. This is no ordinary painted wall nor wallpaper. It is a special effect painted wall handcrafted by one of the best mastery in the industry. This special paint effect adds just the right amount of texture and color to really make the living room shine and not be over powering.

Another highlight for the design of this home is the island unit which doubles up as a dining table for the couple. The island top at the kitchen area features a beautiful natural marble look design and is one of the best quality premium Quartz stone available in the market. This acts as one of the centerpieces in the house which will immediately draw your attention to when you enter the kitchen. European designed honeycombed shaped marble looking tiles were used as the backing in between the top and bottom kitchen cabinet. This draws a contrast to the black and white cabinet as well as the white coloured table top. Another way we jazzed up this open concept kitchen design was creating an outline to the cabinets by using black coloured trimmings.

Considering the sheer amount of clothes and handbags that the homeowners have, we decided along with them to transform one of the bedrooms into a walk-in closet. This allow a great deal of space for dressing and clothing for the couple and room for expanding their wardrobe. For greater accessibility into the wardrobe room, a new doorway was created from the master bedroom and separated by a sliding door.

This new home for the new couple is designed according to their lifestyle and needs. It is classic and elegant, modern and minimalist at the same time. The furnishings are kept simple to give a lasting look which you will not get tired of over the years.


Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh

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