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An Industrial concept apartment at Bedok South

An Industrial concept apartment at Bedok South

A new family has to be nurtured in the right environment, and this can start off in a uniquely designed two bedrooms apartment.

An industrial concept and designed in line with such needs, this breathtaking home is tailored to suit the needs of a couple, a baby and two bulldogs. A closely knit family live in a cozy designed interior and this is what this apartment offers you- freedom, yet within a functional space.

With a modest living room that is just the right size, one that is situated in such a location as to have a perfect reflection of lighting, this is the perfect living quarters for the evolving family. Take a look at the long stretched of feature with concealed bedroom doors that characterize this apartment, in cooperating a wall mounted TV located at the center of the living space, making a spectacular and easy to view from any location within the living space, as well as the beautiful sliding doors between the living and kitchen, it open up the space further. Want to talk about the cement effect tiled flooring which give it a modern look? The living area is cozy, quite compact yet spacious.

There is a functional storage platform, which can house the important things, which you would need in day-to-day living and which is strong enough to last for all your family events.

The master bedroom was enlarged, you can be sure that there would be enough space for the couple, as well as for the child to grow through the various stages of childhood as he or she keeps on developing- of course, in the company of just the perfect friends; the owners two lovable bulldogs. Can you keep that ripe imagination in mind as you navigate through this apartment?

The kitchen concept speaks of luxury wrapped up in a compact space & a bold use of cabinet colour, and the bathroom is very comfortable & bright. When we get to the bedroom, it is designed in such a way as to make it homely and stepping into it confirms the impression of homeliness.

This is the poster child for excellence at a modest cost and most importantly, it is just perfect for you and your family.

Designer in-charge : Rick Wong   #crescendorickwong

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