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A Vivacious Executive Apartment at Tampines

A Vivacious Executive Apartment at Tampines

There’s something vivacious, spirited and ultimately energetic about a colorful home, one which literally breathes life. This house is designed for the modern couple, family with 2 kids.

Built on a spacious size, this is the perfect home for the family.

Upon entering the main door, you are greeted by the two sides of feature wall and the unique designed flooring, immediately you will be expecting to discover more as you walk in further.

The living room is classic, spacious and the sofas are cozy on sight and in use. Separated from the living room a classy divider wall, on which the always likeable revolving TV set is attached, the dining area is spectacular, all you have to do is walk in and you’d fall in love with it! Its lighting, the furniture and its arrangement is breathtaking.

A functional kitchen having the luxury of space is what you will expect when you enter the kitchen area, clean and neat with most of your stuffs able to stored in all the cabinets and having the use of up to dates storage systems.

The two children rooms are painted and designed in different colour schemes.

Pink, violet and white, the beddings are also of using choice of colourful images. The pink curtains, when pulled, reveal a beautiful background through which she gains insight into the world from her spacious bedroom. A reading area with a table and chair are located just adjacent to the bed, providing just ample space for her study time.

Aqua marine, purple and white walls and cabinets, and on pulling the greenish blue curtains, light floods the room giving it a very lively presentation. Reading space is provided just adjacent to the bed, with a reading table and chair for his study time as well! There is a segmentation of the cupboards just above the bed, with finishing in lovely shades.

The master bedroom also displayed a envy of space and features, the design was very cleverly planned having the TV unit to be hidden out of sight when not using.

The solidity of the walls and doors cannot be overlooked, with wood panels in light brown and dark walls and frames, there is a certain feeling of coziness intertwined with safety that cannot be shaken off. The flooring is detailed to perfection, with every single inch of the floor tiled and being a perfect emblem of beauty at its peak.

Indeed, this modern family home will take your breath away! It’s cozy and homely!

Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh


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