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A highly modern where the interior design provides comfort and utility alike at Lush Acres Condo

A highly modern where the interior design provides comfort and utility alike at Lush Acres Condo

No matter how large a condo unit is, owners would like to enjoy more space. This can be achieved through a smart remodeling of the home, by using furnishing that maximize the use of the space and by decorating the interior in a manner that gives one a sense of an open space. The owners of this condo required a modern but clean remodeling of their home that will not only make their living space practical, but also enjoyable and relaxing.

Entering from the main door, there is a spacious foyer with white washed tiles. A nice glass sliding door separates the foyer from the dining area. Upon entering the living & dining area, you get into a big open space. The use of light colors, like white and soft ivory walls and floor finishes makes the living/dining area spacious and bright.

The kitchen walls have been removed to have an open kitchen concept and to create an even larger space for the dining area. The furniture, in warm woody colors and white, was placed on a wall that has no windows, to create the impression of continuity. In order to provide sufficient space for all the items needed in a kitchen, an island countertop was created, providing the dining table a bit of privacy from the rest of the room and plenty of storage space. In the corner, the designer took advantage of the space to create a tall and generous storage cabinet. The soft lighting from the track lights and L-box gives the dining area a warm and cozy feel.

A long hallway makes the connection between the most used part of the house, which is the dining, kitchen and living area, with the bedrooms and study room. In the study room, the focus was more on functionality and creating a pleasant working space. A wall was dedicated for placing the desk for the computer and other pieces of equipment, which is well lighted with the help of modern light fixtures. On the opposite wall, built in furniture was constructed that integrates within the room, providing both cabinets and open shelves, for a compact space that is more than suitable for a working area. The entire condo was destined to become a living area where functionality entwines simple and clean design lines.

The space was planned in order to minimize any losses due to furnishing, so that the owners can enjoy more of the space their condo is offering. The result is a highly modern condo where the interior design provides comfort and utility alike.




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