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Timeless Classic of Black and White

This will be a tour of a newly designed home for newlyweds.

We will take a look at this three-bedroom 110 square meter home that takes us on a journey of black, white and color. This home is a great size for a new couple as it will provide some space to grow and learn about each other while still giving this new couple a good deal of space to spread out. We will now take a look at some of the elements that make up the new design of this beautiful home.

One of the largest and most consistent aspects of this home is the flooring. We chose to use vinyl floor planks throughout the entire home. This will make the space look big and gives a more open concept feeling. By using the same flooring in all areas, it gives us the ability to tie a piece of each room together.

On the wall colours for the house, the main colors that we used are black, white and grey. A majority, if not all of the walls were painted a nice bright white to give it a strong contrast.

There are a few walls in the house that we went bold and did an accent wall in the living area in dark grey which added drama and dimension. We chose to use very dark grey on the master bedroom accent wall to allow for a new feeling of comfort while still maintaining a good deal of stark contrast. The bedroom is warm and cosy with the right amount of ambience lighting. For the other two bedrooms, the homeowners chose their favorite colours for each of the room. These were some strong pop of colours like hot pink and nice striking blue which gave the rooms a vibrant and fun look.

The owners like the concept of marble look design for some parts of their house. Thus, in the living area, we decided to add a marble look design on the TV feature wall. This is no ordinary painted wall nor wallpaper. It is a special effect painted wall handcrafted by one of the best mastery in the industry. This special paint effect adds just the right amount of texture and color to really make the living room shine and not be over powering.

Another highlight for the design of this home is the island unit which doubles up as a dining table for the couple. The island top at the kitchen area features a beautiful natural marble look design and is one of the best quality premium Quartz stone available in the market. This acts as one of the centerpieces in the house which will immediately draw your attention to when you enter the kitchen. European designed honeycombed shaped marble looking tiles were used as the backing in between the top and bottom kitchen cabinet. This draws a contrast to the black and white cabinet as well as the white coloured table top. Another way we jazzed up this open concept kitchen design was creating an outline to the cabinets by using black coloured trimmings.

Considering the sheer amount of clothes and handbags that the homeowners have, we decided along with them to transform one of the bedrooms into a walk-in closet. This allow a great deal of space for dressing and clothing for the couple and room for expanding their wardrobe. For greater accessibility into the wardrobe room, a new doorway was created from the master bedroom and separated by a sliding door.

This new home for the new couple is designed according to their lifestyle and needs. It is classic and elegant, modern and minimalist at the same time. The furnishings are kept simple to give a lasting look which you will not get tired of over the years.


Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh


Immediately entered the unit, impressed by the storage feature unit with random display niches a lot better. The layered display cabinet in the basement is structured in such a way as to fuel your exotic taste. Having a clean white concept and contrasting color for the display, making the niches stand out further.

The combination of colors in the 1st basement bedroom have a popping effect, brought about by the pink and purple concept of the room, with the cleverly use of the storage platform.

This ultra-modern living space is exotic. First, the living room is chic, with comfortable sofas and a beautiful pool-side view. The wooden cabinet is strong and compartmentalized, such that it contains your wall mounted led television set, books and decorative displays you choose to place in it. The dining room also has a center table that’s endearing enough to command respect!

The master bedroom also provides you with such excellent views that make you feel like you’re looking out from a glamorous hotel!

All the bedrooms are spacious, unique design to suit individual bedroom user requirements including strong platform bed frames and each of them has a wardrobe with enough room for your clothes, shoes and boxes. The layout is breathtaking.

On the 3rd level front bedroom, stepping into the room fill you with peace and you’d love the whiteness and cleanliness you encounter!

The roof terrace has a green turf design that’s too cool to ignore.

If you’re looking for the perfect definition of a classy home design with views from your living room and bedroom concepts that’s sure to make you happy, the choice is right before you!

  • Qanvast 4 Stars review



Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh   &   David Tan   #crescendodavidtan

Magnanimous space of a landed property at Countryside

One of the marks of luxury in a home is its size. This house has magnanimous space and is the perfect definition of luxury of a landed property.

On the first level of this beautiful, exotic home; we have a modern oriental concept living area. The living room is very spacious and allows you to enjoy the company of family and friends without feeling suffocated. The television marble effect feature wall mounted with a brick wall backing is set at just the perfect angle; the center table is chic and the furniture is comfortably luxurious. The dining area is just across the living room and is roomy enough to allow for privacy while dining, without disturbing anyone in the living room.

A house’s kitchen is always an important part of the home, as it creates an atmosphere of either calmness/peace or chaos. From both images of the wet and dry kitchen, having a well design back yard, you can see that the kitchen projects serenity. It is carved out of a section of the house and forms a unique picture in the house. It is so peaceful that you could also convert it into your relaxing teatime space during daytime!

The master bedroom is the classic definition of a bedroom with a loft space, and is the perfect secret bedroom you’ve been yearning to have. With its extraordinary textured laminates as well as the perfect architectural design, home is the best place to be. The design of the bathroom are befitting for this home; with a glass door separation between them and woody grain design that beats your expectations.

This landed property other 4 bedrooms are also executive and modern. The natural wood used for all of the bedrooms make them beautiful and with the splash of colors, very inviting. The bedrooms full height balcony doors also provide you with a stunning view of the world around you. Sleeping in any of these rooms not only provides you with a cozy atmosphere but also an exceptional view of your environment.

Have a look at the walls and floor of this house; aren’t you just mesmerized by the sleekness of it all?

You can feel the special charm associated with the attic which has a unique beautiful design of all, and an architectural design that would blow your mind. This attic has an industrial design that is utterly captivating, creating a private space of its own.

The house’s exterior is also charming and enthralling; providing you with a loving view of a divine home. This is the perfect place to retire to after a long day at work, or the most idyllic place to work from.

This modern home concept is the executive home of your dream.

Designer in-charge : Edmund Tan   #crescendoedmundtan



Modern Resort with a bold

Modern Resort with a bold

This home is just the right place to start your lives as a couple. Right from the living room with a beautiful sofa, bright walls and enough space, you get the feel of home- especially with the shelving behind the sofa where you can display much-loved and happy memories.

In the living and dining area, there is a blend of dark and light tone of wood, which gives this part of the house a beautiful contrasting colour scheme, which is just perfect for the homeowners.

The cabinet and settee design at the foyer provides a functional yet cleverly conceal the household shelter away from the main hall. You can get the best accessories at TV Bed Store.

The kitchen is very beautiful and functional, spacious enough for you to cook delicious meals and with cabinets that make storage of your plates and pans very easy, leaving you with a tidy kitchen. The kitchen cabinet is further enhanced by the use of a beautiful wood grain designed counter top, making it very durable, yet lovable for many years to come. The design of the kitchen door is absolutely captivating, strong yet welcoming.

You might feel you have seen everything, but the bedrooms wow you with surprises, with wardrobes and cabinets design come with a mix of bold colour and selected wood grain, welcoming you into the most intricate area of the home.

It would be very difficult to overlook how homely the house is, and because it’s so cozy, it would help spice up the romance in your life

The wood used throughout the house speaks of exotic quality, which makes it impossible for you to doubt that this is a Modern Resort, just for you.

Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh

Spacious Living in an Executive Mansionette

This Executive Mansionette apartment is spacious & bright. Refreshingly mind-blowing from one room to the next, this house strikes you with its exceptional level of glamor.

Starting with the spacious living room with sofas arranged in such a way as to create such an ambience of relaxation, as it directly faces a large compartmentalized designed cabinet which contains the large wall mounted led tv and well-arranged books in the top layer. Adequate lighting is provided with the stunning skylight roof design. The floor of the living room is well tiled using polished marble flooring combined with honeycomb designs flooring at the skylight area bringing in a modern and up to date design.

The kitchen comes with an efficient storage system and the shades of blue kitchen cabinet make it visually appealing.

The staircase has beautiful railings with such an excellent reflection of light, with its top portion of steps made of timber looking tiles and the side is well finished in cement rendering, providing the spacious and modern feel, a link between the two levels.

This 1500square feet modern 2 storey executive modern apartment has excellent timber looking flooring on the upper floor, and spacious wardrobes which are also well compartmentalized.

The above floor two bathrooms in this executive apartment- the first is for the master bedroom and it has a feel of both privacy and comfort; while the second bathroom is for the kids, with an exotic feel of comfort mix match of pink & bluish sub way tiles as well.

The master bedroom is in a class of its own, looking out a sky view that a lot hope to have!

In all, the apartment is very spacious, and as we all know that space is a luxury, you get to experience the beauty of having enough space for everything which you want to do with your family.

  • Qanvast 5 Stars review

Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh


A Vivacious Executive Apartment at Tampines

There’s something vivacious, spirited and ultimately energetic about a colorful home, one which literally breathes life. This house is designed for the modern couple, family with 2 kids.

Built on a spacious size, this is the perfect home for the family.

Upon entering the main door, you are greeted by the two sides of feature wall and the unique designed flooring, immediately you will be expecting to discover more as you walk in further.

The living room is classic, spacious and the sofas are cozy on sight and in use. Separated from the living room a classy divider wall, on which the always likeable revolving TV set is attached, the dining area is spectacular, all you have to do is walk in and you’d fall in love with it! Its lighting, the furniture and its arrangement is breathtaking.

A functional kitchen having the luxury of space is what you will expect when you enter the kitchen area, clean and neat with most of your stuffs able to stored in all the cabinets and having the use of up to dates storage systems.

The two children rooms are painted and designed in different colour schemes.

Pink, violet and white, the beddings are also of using choice of colourful images. The pink curtains, when pulled, reveal a beautiful background through which she gains insight into the world from her spacious bedroom. A reading area with a table and chair are located just adjacent to the bed, providing just ample space for her study time.

Aqua marine, purple and white walls and cabinets, and on pulling the greenish blue curtains, light floods the room giving it a very lively presentation. Reading space is provided just adjacent to the bed, with a reading table and chair for his study time as well! There is a segmentation of the cupboards just above the bed, with finishing in lovely shades.

The master bedroom also displayed a envy of space and features, the design was very cleverly planned having the TV unit to be hidden out of sight when not using.

The solidity of the walls and doors cannot be overlooked, with wood panels in light brown and dark walls and frames, there is a certain feeling of coziness intertwined with safety that cannot be shaken off. The flooring is detailed to perfection, with every single inch of the floor tiled and being a perfect emblem of beauty at its peak.

Indeed, this modern family home will take your breath away! It’s cozy and homely!

Designer in-charge : Melissa Loh   #crescendomelissaloh


Executive Chicness inspired by Japanese Whisky

This modern, cool chic design is flawlessly beautiful. On stepping in, you come face-to-face with the perfect flooring, immaculate white walls and ceiling which immediately have a charming effect on you, as you take in the fresh atmosphere of executive excellence.

The living room is spaciously designed, not just big enough for the couple- and a group of their friends who comes over for gathering! The television feature is spacious, well-placed and properly set at just the perfect angle. Within the living space carpentry design, there is a beautiful display of the owners collection – Japanese Whisky, adding to the home a chic and contemporary look! The classic use of wood grain, with alternating darker and lighter colors of wood for the living area, as well as a subtle demarcation between the living and dining area is just spectacular.

As we move into the dining area, we are reinvigorated by the presence of the L-shaped mirrors which gives an impression of a larger space. The dining area is well demarcated from the living room, and has its own stunning lighting provided for it. The wooden furniture brings to mind, a mixture of class and functionality. That’s not all; for the sandpaper wallpaper reflects, with the aid of the mirrors, adding the wall double effect of the owners full of travel photos. You can imagine what an exotic experience dining becomes!

The modern-themed kitchen area couldn’t be more appropriate. With using clean white wall tiles, mixed with kitchen counters and cupboards choice of colours, you can make the perfect meal in no time, and in the best of environments.

Overall the use of timber-looking vinyl flooring immediately creates a sense of coziness in this apartment, and makes you immediately fall in love with it!

Not forgetting the master bedroom area, the brick wall separation between the bedroom itself and the open concept bathroom area creates an aura of solidity, openness and yet gives ample privacy.

In all, this Executive Apartment created an overall feel of solidity, coziness and executive chicness!

Designer in-charge : Edmund Tan   #crescendoedmundtan

An Industrial concept apartment at Bedok South

A new family has to be nurtured in the right environment, and this can start off in a uniquely designed two bedrooms apartment.

An industrial concept and designed in line with such needs, this breathtaking home is tailored to suit the needs of a couple, a baby and two bulldogs. A closely knit family live in a cozy designed interior and this is what this apartment offers you- freedom, yet within a functional space.

With a modest living room that is just the right size, one that is situated in such a location as to have a perfect reflection of lighting, this is the perfect living quarters for the evolving family. Take a look at the long stretched of feature with concealed bedroom doors that characterize this apartment, in cooperating a wall mounted TV located at the center of the living space, making a spectacular and easy to view from any location within the living space, as well as the beautiful sliding doors between the living and kitchen, it open up the space further. Want to talk about the cement effect tiled flooring which give it a modern look? The living area is cozy, quite compact yet spacious.

There is a functional storage platform, which can house the important things, which you would need in day-to-day living and which is strong enough to last for all your family events.

The master bedroom was enlarged, you can be sure that there would be enough space for the couple, as well as for the child to grow through the various stages of childhood as he or she keeps on developing- of course, in the company of just the perfect friends; the owners two lovable bulldogs. Can you keep that ripe imagination in mind as you navigate through this apartment?

The kitchen concept speaks of luxury wrapped up in a compact space & a bold use of cabinet colour, and the bathroom is very comfortable & bright. When we get to the bedroom, it is designed in such a way as to make it homely and stepping into it confirms the impression of homeliness.

This is the poster child for excellence at a modest cost and most importantly, it is just perfect for you and your family.

Designer in-charge : Rick Wong   #crescendorickwong

A highly modern where the interior design provides comfort and utility alike at Lush Acres Condo

No matter how large a condo unit is, owners would like to enjoy more space. This can be achieved through a smart remodeling of the home, by using furnishing that maximize the use of the space and by decorating the interior in a manner that gives one a sense of an open space. The owners of this condo required a modern but clean remodeling of their home that will not only make their living space practical, but also enjoyable and relaxing.

Entering from the main door, there is a spacious foyer with white washed tiles. A nice glass sliding door separates the foyer from the dining area. Upon entering the living & dining area, you get into a big open space. The use of light colors, like white and soft ivory walls and floor finishes makes the living/dining area spacious and bright.

The kitchen walls have been removed to have an open kitchen concept and to create an even larger space for the dining area. The furniture, in warm woody colors and white, was placed on a wall that has no windows, to create the impression of continuity. In order to provide sufficient space for all the items needed in a kitchen, an island countertop was created, providing the dining table a bit of privacy from the rest of the room and plenty of storage space. In the corner, the designer took advantage of the space to create a tall and generous storage cabinet. The soft lighting from the track lights and L-box gives the dining area a warm and cozy feel.

A long hallway makes the connection between the most used part of the house, which is the dining, kitchen and living area, with the bedrooms and study room. In the study room, the focus was more on functionality and creating a pleasant working space. A wall was dedicated for placing the desk for the computer and other pieces of equipment, which is well lighted with the help of modern light fixtures. On the opposite wall, built in furniture was constructed that integrates within the room, providing both cabinets and open shelves, for a compact space that is more than suitable for a working area. The entire condo was destined to become a living area where functionality entwines simple and clean design lines.

The space was planned in order to minimize any losses due to furnishing, so that the owners can enjoy more of the space their condo is offering. The result is a highly modern condo where the interior design provides comfort and utility alike.




A clean & modern concept at the Boathouse Residences

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