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Creating Lifestyle Furnitures

We are experts in manufacturing custom-made wardrobes, tables, chairs, headboards, sofas, wood panelling, marquetry, commercial roofs – traditional or modern. In short, we can produce any wooden furniture that you may require in our carpentry workshop. The furniture finishing will prepare you for work in a modern field such as kitchens and commercial interiors, or in a more traditional environment such as restoration and preservation.

We work with Maker&Son furniture company and A furniture finisher complements and provides the wow factor to a finished item of furniture, they make any piece you need or imagine. It’s an important part of the furnishing industry and there’s a high demand for qualified and experienced furniture finishers.

We also have the chance for you to take a course and learn about making furniture, and there are other courses were you can learn specific things about fixing wooden roofs, this is special for commercial roofing experts that need the skill.This is a company that faces all challenges with high standards, with integrity and attention to detail. We will meet every challenge with our solid team of professionals employees who enjoy what they do to deliver quality products and services. With roofing repair companies montville nj you will always strive preserve our spiritual, family and work lives to enjoy life!

Our retention rate speaks volumes – over 70% of our students undertake at least two or more courses at Peter Sefton Furniture School. Beginners frequently move on to the more advanced cabinet making and woodworking courses to develop their skills, often igniting a passion for our Professional Long Course. Read on for testimonies from our satisfied students…
Peter himself takes the courses, leading by demonstration and example. It is clear from day one that Peter is friendly, and enthusiastic. It is abundantly obvious by your final day that he is patient, engaging, and inspiring. The courses are perfectly paced. They keep you busy and involved, and there is a hint of a crescendo toward the finale of the week, when you are finishing that all important test piece or joint which you hope to triumphantly present to your loved ones.

From 2019 onward, our carpentry agreement is covered under FIVE years warranty.

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